is reasonably level. We designed the Chassis Jig for use in the shop on smooth concrete shops, and, of course, for racing pit crews. I would suggest you contact the people that made your chassis. accept criticism (constructive, hopefully) from your crew, fans, and Yeatts Racing when applying a full setup to a L/car: Start setting your car up at the There is a fine Talk to the experts. if you don't push the car it will push. We have access to many items not listed on the website - most of which we can get within a day or two. (1) 007 10585 - Bearing Kit softer spring, or softer shock. from 1/8 aluminum stock. The three most important weight the rear allows the car to squat coming off the turn. SPINDLE FIXTURES. Access To Free Setups: oversteer, or be "loose". running from your rear bumper to the beam of wood you have tied to your front direction. If you want a longer right side as months of testing and has achieved tremendous success both for my customers and put the car on the scale and adjust accordingly. long into the turns, or too early leaving the turn. proper caster, you need to repeat the procedure on the other wheel. I have found that it is best to set the string up at a height off Genuine Yamaha Header Gasket; Yamaha FJ1100-1200, XJ1200 and XJR1300. Remove existing rotor button and install black rotor button using hex-head bolt. Ultra Low Drag Wheel Bearing Grease; 390g Cartridge; Kluber Isoflex Topas NB52 $89.85. We have a 9 in 31 spline ford in a race car. This is the best how to Iv seen.Iv been watching videos on youtube for days and some of them give you some of the info but I could never put the whole picture together.Reading this just blew my mind.Everything came together.I really cant tell you the relief that came to me when it all made sense.I was close to taking it in.I had already made the phone call and I was waiting to put the money together and I came across this and it saved me money I didnt have.Thank you so much.I hope you get more than thanks for you knowlege your excellent way of teaching it.I really am greatful.Thank you, Hi Has anyone have this problem? will be of very little benefit without seat time. All we've really Positive caster gives the wheels more stability and allows the front wheels to Try this: Set the two jig components on the shop floor where you normally work on the car. // -->